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Message Phone in the U.S. - 608-313-4673

What is a Symphony of Hope or a Choir of Faith? It is a group of people-- young or old, dedicated to serving in God's love and making God-centered music that is special, set-apart, joyful, triumphant, or reverent.

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We are in the process of changing our website from one company to another... This means it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Please forgive the disorganization. We are hoping to have it back together soon. There will be some changes and improvements so be sure to return and see our site after we are done "remodeling"! Thank you!

We need your prayers and support!

It would truly be an incredible thing someday to see the mission team expand to a full symphony and choir dedicated toward serving those around them and one another in God’s love ready to take risks and accept sacrifice. Only God knows what the future may hold. Your prayers and support in this effort can make a difference. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and are inspired as we are, to do all that you can in whatever you endeavor to do to bring honor to His name.

Chris and Coleen Anderson and Family

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